Various hard-coded size limits

mIRC has lots of internal size limits for various types of data; in fact, pretty much anything in mIRC has an upper limit. Sometimes it's helpful to be aware of such limitations; this page tries to summarize a number of them.

This is a work in progress, please add more as you find them!

All limits are in bytes unless stated otherwise.

Topic Limit When exceeded.. Notes
Line length limit (LLL) 949 Truncated or error To be precise: 949 for evaluation results, 950 for command lines (excluding command prefixes)
IRC servers
Incoming lines 601 Truncated Excluding CR/LF
Outgoing lines LLL Truncated
Joined channel names 90 Rejected mIRC parts the channel immediately
Channel keys 90 Truncated
Addresses 90 Truncated The part of the full address after the "!"; only with JOIN/QUIT messages, addresses from WHO replies are not truncated
Nicknames 50 Truncated
Server passwords 50 Truncated As associated with server entries
Incoming PING argument 24 No reply sent First character must be a digit; leading spaces ignored
Socket name 90 Error
Send buffer 16384 Error mIRC's own buffers, not WinSock's
Receive buffer 4096 Receipt stalls mIRC's own buffers, not WinSock's
Socket mark LLL - Not 512 as the helpfile says
Hashtable name 90 Truncated
Hashtable size 10000 Error In number of buckets, see also hashtables
Editbox LLL-1 Sent Editbox is cleared afterwards, similar to pressing Enter
Dialog name 90 Truncated
Line of text 998 Split Excluding CR/LF. Applies to all file-related commands/identifiers
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