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Welcome to my corner of mIRC-related stuff. Some of the things here are pretty old and only here for historical reasons, but most of it is still usable (and used!) today.

Subpage: the mIRC Internals Wiki (email me for an account)

Add-on packages

chanlinks.zip Customize channel name hotlink behavior 09/2006

Misc. scripts

authexec.mrc Look up someone's auth and execute a command when done 09/2003
charmap.mrc Dialog that imitates Windows Charmap (screenshot) 01/2004
cidr.mrc Display and convert CIDR blocks and their properties 06/2005
iml.mrc Keep track of list channel modes such as +e and +I 11/2003
ip2country.mrc IP address to two-letter country code conversion 01/2011
...ip2country.db Database for ip2country.mrc, put it in the same directory 12/2018
isupport.mrc Store and later retrieve information from the 005 server numeric 10/2003
localinfo.mrc Set your external IP in mIRC, even if behind a router+bouncer 10/2003
nslookup.mrc Perform all kinds of DNS queries (e.g. IPv6), bypassing mIRC's /dns 09/2006
...nslookup.dll Optional DLL to look up the nameservers Windows uses 07/2005
perform.mrc Simple perform management through commands 09/2003
queue.mrc Generic queue creation/management 09/2006
shoutcast.mrc Retrieve basic information from a shoutcast server 07/2005
spamcalc.mrc Host spam value calculation - mIRC port of spamcalc 12/2003
...spamcalc-data.zip The data files needed for spamcalc (including Garion's original Perl script) 01/2014
tcp-ip.mrc Mostly line-based TCP connect/listen script 01/2004
upnp.mrc Add, delete and enumerate UPnP NAT entries 12/2005
url.mrc Various URL-related functions: URL parsing, encoding/decoding... 01/2005

Small snippets

float32.mrc Interpret 32-bit floating point values 10/2011
killdrone.mrc Crash Drefir (and variants) drones as they join channels 11/2006
pedump.mrc Dump the function import and export tables of EXE/DLL files 05/2021
stime.mrc Get the IRC server's unixtime 07/2005
week.mrc Get the week number from a unix time value 01/2005

DLLs and stuff

devices.exe List the reserved DOS names that mIRC won't accept in filenames 08/2021
fullscr.dll Detect fullscreen, screensaver, and DirectX exclusive-mode windows 03/2006
idna.dll Encode and decode international domain names 10/2011
io.dll (mirc 6) Catch, block and fake any command from and to the IRC server 10/2008
io.dll (mirc 7) Catch, block and fake any command from and to the IRC server 07/2015
...chaninfo.mrc Display one-line size/mode/topic/etc information about other channels 03/2006
...kpart.mrc Part a channel without closing the channel window 07/2005
iphlpapi.dll Workaround for mIRC 6.16 (and 6.17!) crash in iphlpapi.dll 07/2005
ping.dll Send ICMP Echo packets, to ping and/or traceroute IP addresses 03/2006
power.dll Get notifications about suspend/resume power changes 09/2011
priority.dll Set and retrieve the priority class of the current mIRC instance 09/2006
sha2.dll SHA-2 family of hashing functions 10/2011
sigmirc.exe Send a signal to running mIRC processes, from the command line 03/2006
spaces.dll (mirc 6) Display text, get input, send commands, all without losing spaces 10/2008
spaces.dll (mirc 7) Display text, get input, send commands, all without losing spaces 11/2022
spopup.dll Create simple popup menus 03/2006
table.dll Create table (listview report) dialog controls 03/2008


Updates log

27-11-2022mIRC 7.72 released! Updated spaces.dll.
01-10-2022mIRC 7.71 released! Updated spaces.dll.
18-07-2022mIRC 7.69 released! Updated spaces.dll.
02-04-2022mIRC 7.68 released! Updated spaces.dll.
02-10-2021mIRC 7.67 released! Updated spaces.dll.
30-08-2021Updated devices.exe to support today's larger device names lists.
29-06-2021mIRC 7.66 released! Updated spaces.dll.
08-05-2021mIRC 7.65 released! Updated spaces.dll.
11-12-2020mIRC 7.64 released! Updated spaces.dll.
17-08-2020mIRC 7.63 released! Updated spaces.dll.
29-07-2020mIRC 7.62 released! Updated spaces.dll.
02-03-2020mIRC 7.61 released! Updated spaces.dll.
09-02-2020mIRC 7.59 released! Updated spaces.dll.
23-12-2019Updated pedump.mrc snippet, with both a bugfix and a small improvement.
28-07-2019mIRC 7.58 released! Updated spaces.dll. My apologies for the delay--internal reworkings of mIRC made this update much harder than usual. If mIRC continues to change its internals substantially in upcoming versions, I will have no choice but to retire spaces.dll altogether.. For now everything should work again.
28-07-2019mIRC 7.57 released! Updated spaces.dll.
06-07-2019mIRC 7.56 released! Updated spaces.dll.
09-02-2019mIRC 7.55 released! Updated spaces.dll.
29-12-2018Updated ip2country database.
21-12-2018mIRC 7.54 released! Updated spaces.dll.
01-12-2018mIRC 7.53 released! Updated spaces.dll.
03-03-2018mIRC 7.52 released! Updated spaces.dll. Note that with the introduction of $parms, 'input' is now deprecated.
19-09-2017mIRC 7.51 released! Updated spaces.dll.
26-05-2017mIRC 7.49 released! Updated spaces.dll.
16-04-2017mIRC 7.48 released! Updated spaces.dll.
21-01-2017mIRC 7.47 released! Updated spaces.dll.
11-01-2017Updated ip2country database.
02-08-2016mIRC 7.46 released! Updated spaces.dll.
25-04-2016mIRC 7.45 released! Updated spaces.dll.
25-03-2016mIRC 7.44 released! Updated spaces.dll.
03-08-2015mIRC 7.43 released! Updated spaces.dll.
24-07-2015Updated io.dll one final time upon request.
17-07-2015mIRC 7.42 released! Updated spaces.dll. With mIRC's new support for PARSELINE, io.dll has been retired!
28-02-2015mIRC 7.41 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
25-01-2015Updated ip2country database.
27-11-2014mIRC 7.38 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
14-08-2014mIRC 7.36 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
21-06-2014mIRC 7.34 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll, sorry about the delay.
30-01-2014The original spamcalc website died, so I've put up a copy of data files necessary for the script.
25-05-2013mIRC 7.32 released! Updated.. you know the drill.
17-01-2013mIRC 7.29 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
20-10-2012mIRC 7.27 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
28-07-2012Updated ip2country database.
16-06-2012mIRC 7.25 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
16-10-2011Added sha2.dll.
14-10-2011mIRC 7.22 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
10-10-2011Updated idna.dll to unicode upon request.
07-03-2011Added power.dll.
07-03-2011mIRC 7.19 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
01-01-2011Happy new year! Updated ip2country database - however, it has grown too big for the old format, so it uses a new format, and for that the ip2country script has been updated too.
18-12-2010mIRC 7.17 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
08-11-2010mIRC 7.15 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
16-10-2010mIRC 7.14 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll, although admittedly a bit late, sorry about that.
31-07-2010mIRC 7.1 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll. I've left the non-unicode, mIRC v6 versions of both dlls up as well, not in the least because I myself am still using those.
02-05-2010A preliminary version of spaces.dll for mIRC 7.02 beta22 is now available.
18-10-2008mIRC 6.35 released, updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
14-10-2008The mIRC Internals Wiki is back! And it only took me a little over two months.
08-08-2008mIRC 6.34 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll. The mIRC Internals Wiki will be down for a short while (week or so), sorry about that...
18-07-2008mIRC 6.33 released! Once again, updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
20-06-2008Updated ip2country database.
21-05-2008mIRC 6.32 released! As usual, updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
24-03-2008Added some features to table.dll.
01-01-2008Happy new year! Updated ip2country database.
01-11-2007mIRC 6.31 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll.
15-09-2007Updated io.dll as well, sorry for the delay.
20-08-2007mIRC 6.3 released! Updated spaces.dll, io.dll will follow later.
05-05-2007Yup, busy times, so I don't have anything to release.. Updated ip2country database.
23-11-2006mIRC 6.21 released! Updated io.dll and spaces.dll accordingly.
19-11-2006Added killdrone.mrc snippet. Updated ip2country database.
04-09-2006Webserver died, moved to new hoster; had to restore from backups so let me know if anything is not up-to-date. Also added/updated a few new things.
15-05-2006Updated table.dll.
21-03-2006Added fullscr.dll, ping.dll, and a pedump snippet. That's going to be all for a while.
11-03-2006Added table.dll. Modified sigmirc.exe's communication approach.
09-03-2006Finally released the io.dll-based chaninfo.mrc.
08-03-2006Added a patched version of Fixedsys Excelsior, the Unicode version of Fixedsys.
06-03-2006Added spopup.dll. Improved io.dll.
18-02-2006mIRC 6.17 released! Updated io.dll, spaces.dll and nslookup.mrc accordingly.
21-11-2005Applied two small fixes to nslookup.mrc.
16-11-2005I'm rather busy lately, sorry for that.. Added upnp.mrc, though.
27-08-2005Still no time to finish the new stuff so I removed their entries for now. Added devices.exe.
18-07-2005Updated shoutcast.mrc to make it a bit more user-friendly
12-07-2005Added kpart.mrc and stime.mrc snippets
06-07-2005Some of the new scripts aren't actually here yet, please have a little patience. :)
06-07-2005Finally a new webpage!

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